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RepInfo and Strategy Toolkit

RepInfo Toolkit

There are a number of basic strategies for preserving digitally encoded information. The Preservation Strategy Toolkit helps repositories decided which technique to use, balancing costs against efficacy, given specific preservation objectives. This tool has two separate parts.

  1. Preservation Strategy Toolkit – allows one to look at and decide between different strategies for preservation
  2. RepInfo Toolkit – helps one to create the required Representation Information

The Preservation Strategy toolkit uses the Preservation Network Model (PNM) to represent the output of a preservation analysis conducted for a digital object to be preserved in a preservation archive or repository. The preservation analysis of a digital object enables identification and assessment of the risks associated with the dependencies.

The output of this type of analysis underpins the formulation of a suitable preservation strategy adopted by an archive; taking into account the preservation aims, related risk tolerance level, preservation policies and other requirements. The PNM can be used to articulate the result of preservation analysis as a network of related objects along with the preservation decisions associated with the relationships between the objects.

The Representation Information Toolkit (RIT), in contrast, supports preservation activities related to the implementation and operational stages of the archive after a suitable preservation strategy is identified. The toolkit helps users to create RepInfo Networks – following the PNM. The various pieces of RepInfo may already exist – the toolkit will help the user search in available RepInfo Registries; if new RepInfo must be created or captured the toolkit allows the user to identify the appropriate tool to use and then upload the RepInfo to an available registry.


The Preservation Assistant, Data Virtualisation Toolkit and Process Virtualisation Toolkit also help create specific types of Representation Information.

Five short videos showing how to install and use the RepInfo Toolkit

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit – Introduction

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit – Creating new RepInfo Demo 1 v2

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit – Creating new RepInfo Demo 2 v2

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit – Search Demo v2

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit – Editing RepInfo Networks Demo

Additional (older) videos

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit

SCIDIP_ES RepInfo Toolkit