SCIDIP-ES inter-active platform

Storage Service

Storage Service

System Context

The Storage Service is developed by the SCIDIP-ES project to allow existing or new repositories to interact with their holdings as Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Archival Information Packages (AIP). An AIP captures all the information needed for the long term preservation of data. Within the context of the SCIDIP-ES e-infrastructure, Storage Service is used by the Packaging Toolkit to upload packaging information (OAIS AIP) and its associated elements such as Preservation Description Information (PDI) like provenance etc.


The Storage Service puts an interface on top of an existing repository to expose an AIP-view of the data holdings irrespective of the physical storage system and information model used. An AIP permits auxiliary preservation information such as metadata, provenance information etc. to be associated with the science data. Repositories can use the Storage Service to achieve logical or knowledge preservation, or to render their existing logical preservation processes OAIS-conformant:


The current release provides a JAVA REST service wrapping the Storage Service application. The REST service allows clients to store and retrieve information objects or as self-contained AIPs using uniform HTTP methods. It should be noted that some additional customization is required to fully integrate Storage Service with the client’s existing storage systems.


For security reason, we do not provide an on-line demo for Storage Service. Please download, install and follow the instructions in the documentation on how to use the application.