SCIDIP-ES inter-active platform

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Preservation Assistant

Preservation Assistant966 DownloadsThe Preservation Assistant helps users generate Representation Information Networks guided by pre-defined templates such as an ontology. This document contains relevant information on how to install, configure, manage and use the Preservation Assistant Download Now!

Framework developers manual

Framework developers manual985 DownloadsThis document represents the Developers’ Manual for the Framework library developed by the SCIDIP-ES project. This document contains relevant information on how to install (if applicable), configure and use the library. Download Now!

Framework adaptor guide

Framework adaptor guide1007 DownloadsPurpose and Scope This document provides details of the means by which the SCIDIP-ES Framework library discovers and interacts with Registries, and how to implement the necessary extra code required for using a non-public Registry. Who should read this document Developers who wish to understand and use the SCIDIP-ES Framework for communicating…

Registry – web based – overview

Registry – web based – overview715 DownloadsThe Webserver Registry is a simple implementation of the concept of a SCIDIP-ES Registry. Its name is a bit a misleading; it started out life as a mere collection of fles on a webserver (from where it got its name), however it has since been properly rewritten and continues…